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All pensioners will still get paid as we have a contingency plan in place and a Letter sent to their home address.

​You can email us on:酸酸乳分享2.12 and one of our team will respond to you

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Please do not send any post to us at the pensions building Greenhouse House as this could be shut for some months, please scan passports / certificates to our email address

Sorry for any inconvenience, 酸酸乳节点订阅


Welcome to the Pensions Website for the University of Cambridge. The University and its associated employers offer access to a number of tax-efficient pension arrangements for all staff. Your type of contract will decide which of the schemes you are eligible to join; our own scheme for Support staff and the College staff scheme are administered in-house, whilst the USS and NHS are administered centrally – with the University Pensions Office as your point of contact.







If you joined the scheme before 1 January 2013 all of your benefits are in the CUACPS which is defined benefit pension arrangement.  Under this arrangement your benefits are calculated based on the length of time you are a member of the CUACPS and your earnings during your period of membership. As a result your benefits are not impacted by the current volatility in stock markets.   If you joined the scheme after 31 December 2012 then a part of your benefits will be in the CUACPS and part will be in the Cambridge University Assistants’ Defined Contribution Pension Scheme CUADCPS and an update regarding this arrangement provided by SEI, the pension provider can be found below.


As the trustee does invest the assets of the CUACPS in stock markets the value of the assets will be impacted but the trustee and its advisers are keeping a close eye on this.


The University has confirmed that it will continue to pay contributions to the trustee as these fall due during this difficult period.   If you are in receipt of a pension from the CUACPS this will continue to be paid as normal.



The University of Cambridge have been engaged with the Defined Contribution Pension Provider ("The SEI Master Trust") during this period.  Following ongoing discussions, we have been receiving updates in relation to operational functions and the current market volatility.  With this in mind, we want to share with you a communication from the SEI Master Trust Trustees which will provide an update on the default investment option.  If you have registered to view your pension plan online, you will also see specific updates from SEI in relation to COVID-19 within the scheme documentation.  If you have yet to register for online access, you can do so by visiting:

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SEI Master Trust Pension Scheme Administration


Call:   0800 0113540 Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm



CPS Annual Summary Funding Statement

The annual Summary Funding Statement for the CPS  as at 31 July 2019 is available at 酸酸乳的搜索结果 - 三岁半资源网 - 三岁半免费资源分享平台 ...:2021-4-8 · 不想下载软件的或者手机的看下面既然分享了软件那么顺便给一个更方便的吧!这个镜像网站打开就是谷歌,无需翻墙,不用酸酸乳,不仅方便速度还比较OK,你用来干啥我不管,咱也管不了,只管分享。手机端的朋友可以直接打开以下网址即可去....  If you require a hard copy of this to be sent to you please call the Pensions Office on 01223 332214 or e-mail


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With effect from 1 October 2019 a flexible retirement arrangement is available for members of the CPS.  Under the arrangement members of the CPS who have reached Minimum Pension Age, currently age 55, are able to draw their full pension from the CPS whilst remaining in employment.  There is more information about this at (link to HR Policy) and at





For all Scheme information, Update forms and USS contact details, please visit the USS website:





For information on auto-enrolment please visit



My Pension

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If you’d prefer to talk to someone, the staff in the Pensions Office will be glad to hear from you – please visit the Contact page to find your Pensions Administrator.



Pensions Administration

Greenwich House

Madingley Rise

Madingley Road

Cambridge, CB3 0TX

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